Health & Safety

Your child’s safety is of the utmost importance to us. We have policies and procedures in place to safeguard all of the children in our care.

Daily risk assessments are carried out to ensure the safety and well being of your child at all times. Once your child has been safely entered into nursery you can rest assured they are carefully supervised at all times and doors can only be opened by authorised members of staff.

All play rooms have toilets within them, which supports independence in a safe and secure way. All of our staff have been DBS checked and gone through our rigorous recruitment process. If your child falls ill in nursery or has an accident we have rigorous policies in place to support every eventuality.

Every  member of staff in each playroom holds a paediatric first aid certificate and this is displayed within the rooms in which they work. We only use toys and equipment bearing the appropriate standard marks and suitable for the age and ability of the children. Toys, games and equipment are checked regularly for damage and suitability.

Both the nursery main entrance and pre-school entrances are electronically managed by a security system. Doors can only be opened by authorised members of staff and parents choose an individual password to use as additional security. As the car park at Albion Activity Centre is shared by other companies parents are asked to be vigilant when bringing their child in and out of the nursery. We keep a formal register of all persons who enter and leave the nursery and we record your child’s arrival and departure times and any absences or holidays on our electronic system. We also ask parents to inform us of any infection illnesses your child may have such as chicken pox or measles to enable us to inform other parents.