Outdoor Learning

At What A Hoot Day Nursery we passionately promote outdoor learning.

The children have opportunities to play outside when they choose, with access to exciting activities such as our “muddy kitchen” and “mini beast” area. There are endless benefits to playing outdoors – you can be assured that your child is playing and learning essential skills without even noticing.

The EYFS states:

“Being outdoors has a positive impact on children’s sense of well-being and helps all aspects of children’s development. Being outdoors offers opportunities for doing things in different ways and on different scales than when indoors. It gives children first-hand contact with weather, seasons and the natural world. Outdoor environments offer children freedom to explore, use their senses, and be physically active and exuberant.”

Our outdoor environment offers more freedom and space to move, inspiring different movement from indoor play. This is vital for our children to develop their coordination and build muscle control, allowing them to experiment with moving their bodies.

Outside also has a higher concentration of oxygen in the air – 25% more than indoors, even with all windows and doors open. Oxygen is vital for all cells to respire in the body, and in particular for brain function, which aids the process of learning. Encouraging our children to be active outdoors is vital for their health and well-being.

The role of our staff outside is much the same as our role inside; to scaffold learning, observe and record the children’s progress, and build on their own ideas and interests.

Our children are encouraged to make their own choices and lead their own learning with appropriate support from our staff, with exciting and innovative resources and materials.

Our outdoor environment offers more freedom to explore ‘mini beasts’ and ‘muddy kitchens’.